The Indiana Jones Of Crypto? A Coinbase Executive Assists In The Recovery Of $322,00 In Missing Cryptocurrency


It doesn’t happen every day, except for one fortunate cryptocurrency trader, this is precisely what transpired in the early hours of 5th July.

Conor Grogan, the head of product at Coinbase, detailed how he discovered thousands of dollars worth of cryptocurrency and also got in touch with its unwitting owner in a recent Twitter conversation. In 2016, the Ethereum network had a fork, leading to the creation of Ethereum ETC tickers below $18.99. An equal amount of ETC was airdropped to every investor holding the now-average ETH tickers below $1,889 on-chain. Grogan said that many people never used this additional cash.

Executive Looks Through Over Twenty Locations To Recover Cryptocurrency 

It was common to forget that one has funds on the chain or even keep track of the airdrops, Grogan remarked, mentioning how he has previously recovered 6-figure sums for investors. Grogan claimed to have once informed someone from Twitter about 23 ETH tickers that were lying around in a later snapshot.

Finding these pockets is a difficult effort. Initially, Grogan recalled how he combed through the rich list of ETH looking for profiles that never came upon their ETC. He located around 20 locations with above $250,000 in ETC and searched through each one for contact information. With the majority of the wallets, Grogan claimed he encountered several “dead ends” until finding an address beginning with the above prefix “0x475”, Interestingly, the wallet contains eosDAC (EOSDAC), a coin that Ethereum owners in 2018 had airdropped.