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Aptar Group (NYSE: ATR) Are Expecting To Report A Sale Worth $733.46M For This Quarter

Most of the analysts working on the stocks of the Aptar Group (NYSE: ATR) have already declared that the company would see revenue of $733.46M in the present quarter. Five of the analysts working on the stocks have already made this estimate for the ATR earnings.

The estimate, at its lowest level, has been fixed at $723 million, whereas the highest it will reach its $744.80M. ATR had already reported a $671.33M sale for the previous year- indicating a positive 9.3% annual growth rate. The next report on its quarterly earnings would be on the 18th of February.

The Quarterly Earnings of ATR

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The company had previously announced its report on quarterly earnings on the 29th of October. The company for industrial products had an EPS of $1 for the quarter, which comfortably beat out the consensus estimate. The net margin for the company was 7.34%, whereas the return on its equity was 14.24%. The revenue for the business was $759.15M, which also trumped the consensus estimate of $707.15M. The revenue of the company had a positive increase of 8.3% over the year. 

There have been quite a few firms that have already spoken about the stocks of ATR. Seaport Global Securities, on their part, have already given the company a rating of ‘neutral’. Wells Fargo & Company has shifted the price target of the company from $130 to $135, along with a rating of ‘overweight’. Three of the investment analysts have already given the stocks a rating of ‘hold’, while six of them have assigned it a rating of ‘buy’. The average rating of ATR has been ‘buy’, with an objective price of $124.50. 

The ATR stock traded in the stock market at $130.45 last Friday- where their 52 week low was $79.84, and their 52 week high was $131.10. The market cap of the company was $8.44B, with a 5.12 PEG ratio.

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