The Stocks Of STT Are Expected To Have A Sale of Around $2.83 Billion


Several analysts working at Zacks Investment Research have already expected the stocks of STT to bring out sales of around $2.83B for this quarter. Four of the analysts working on the stocks of the company have already issued estimates regarding its earnings.

The lowest estimate for sales has been set at $2.82B, but the highest has been fixed at $2.84B. The company had reported a sale of around $3.05B in the stock market for the previous year. This is indicative of a negative annual 7.2% growth rate. The next earnings result of the firm is scheduled to be published on the 15th of January. 

According to the brokerage firm, the analysts have been expecting a full-year sales report of around $11.63B. For the coming fiscal year, analysts have forecasted that STT will bring out sales touching $11.49B. 

The Quarterly Earnings of STT

The company had previously announced their results of earnings on the 16th of October. The asset manager had reported an EPS of $1.45 for the quarter- which comfortably beat out the $1.41 consensus estimate.

The revenue generated by STT was around $2.78B- when compared to the analyst estimate of around $2.76B. The company’s net margin was fixed at 20.75%, with a 12.24% return on its equity. Just the previous year, the company saw an EPS of $1.51. 

According to the research analysts, the current rating of the company is ‘Buy’, with an objective price of $76.25. One analyst working on the stock already gave the company a rating of ‘sell’, whereas seven of them have already given it a rating of ‘hold’.  Eight analysts have given STT a rating of ‘Buy’- while one has given it a rating of ‘strong buy’.