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Monday, May 17, 2021

FB Has Updated Its Q1 Earnings Along With The Top Estimates

The stocks of FB came up with a $3.30 quarterly earnings, which was more than the consensus estimate set at $2.36 per share. This has been compared with the EPS of $1.71 which was drawn a year back. According to a report, this figure has been adjusted to bring in non-recurring items only. 

The Revenue Estimates Of FB

The quarterly report is going to represent a surprise on the earnings of 39.83%. Just the previous quarter, analysts had expected that the social media company would be putting up an EPS of $3.24- when it actually increased on the expectations to reach $3.88- with the surprise coming in at 19.75%. It is interesting to note that the company has gone ahead of the consensus estimate for EPS around four times. 

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FB ended up posting a revenue of $26.17 billion for this quarter which ended in March of 2021- which comprehensively beat the consensus estimate by about 9.78%. The revenue generated by the company a year back was $17.74 billion. Since then, the company has gone ahead of the consensus estimate in the last four quarters.

The immediate price movement of the stock has sustainability which would be based strictly on the numbers and expectations that have been placed on it by the management. The shares of FB have, since then, added around 11.1% since the year began which is compared against the S&P 500’s gain of around 11.5%. 

The stocks of FB have shown a strong correlation between the trends in its revisions of earnings estimates and the movements of the near-term stocks. Most of the investors will be able to track the revisions of the company or end up believing in a tried and tested tool for rating like the Zacks Rank.

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