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First Look Of Apple’s Over-ear Headphones Might Have Been Leaked

An icon that was recently revealed by the link of the very first iOS 14.3 beta might be the initial look of the Apple headphone that is going to get launched by Apple soon. It has been years since the tech world is anticipating Apple to come up with the latest over-ear headphones. Recently it was heard that the company was working on the manufacturing of the new Apple headphones that could get launched very soon.

First Look of Apple Headphones

There are chances that ardent Apple fans got a sneak peek of the much-rumored overhead headphones. An icon was recently revealed by the iOS 14.3 sites. Another speculated source has also proved a probable first glimpse of the product. Experts found that a video from the Find My App in the beta also revealed a peek at the overhead Apple headphones.

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The video shows a magnifying glass moving above an icon of headphones, and then it passes over icons of backpack and suitcases. These could serve as good storage equipment for the rumored tile trackers that could get launched by Apple soon. Find My app is a trustworthy site. Hence, many apple lovers are expecting eagerly that this finding app could fetch some information about the tracker and the overhead headphones that could get launched by Apple soon. 

Apple Headphones
Apple Headphones

The preview cannot be considered a concrete idea of what the Apple headphones might look like. Some experts have suggested that the Apple headphones are going to be launched in black and white color. Usually, Apple always has certain plans for all of its products. It is still unclear about the processes of the launch of new products. The speculation does not ensure that the product will be launched into the market any time soon. Some were expecting the product to get launched by the company alongside the software update. Some idea of the AirPods Pro was acquired from the software update of iOS 13.2 beta. This glimpse was available a few weeks before the official announcement of the launching of the AirPods by Apple. 

It is being said that the latest Apple headphones will have parts that would be interchangeable and will be included in the model. There will be earpads that could be swapped, other than this, the headband could be adjusted too. There could be magnet mechanisms in the headphones. Even if the Apple headphone does not have the swappable set of headbands the ear pads could easily get interchanged. Experts are saying that the confusion regarding the design of the headband is stalling the launch of the Apple headphones. 

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