Five Absurd April Fools’ Jokes That Crypto X Nearly Fell For

Crypto X

Exclusively on April 1st: radio-wave crypto communication, Vitalik Buterin’s novel “degen communism” theory, and Solana’s newest vice president of decentralization. Here are some of the most bizarre April Fool’s Day jokes that nearly fooled Crypto X this year, ranging from Vitalik Buterin praising “degen communism” to a white paper from the CEO of Solana proposing a token that would run across shortwave radio stations.

BunkerCoin Is A Radio-Transmitted Cryptocurrency in Crypto X

The CEO of Solana, Anatoly Yakovenko, poked fun at the sometimes overly complex design of new cryptocurrencies when he announced the debut of “BunkerCoin,” a new coin based on Solana, in a post published on April 1 on Crypto X. According to Yakovenko, the new BunkerCoin coin used several complex technologies, including as ZkProofs, Groth16 proofs, and a “longest chain rule in the style of Nakamoto,” and it functioned on “shortwave radio channels.”

The message was essentially a mishmash of jargon linked to cryptocurrency meant to poke fun at new tokens. Yakovenko added, “If you are into mainstream adoption, pivot to bunkers,” making a not-so-subtle allusion to a remark that co-host of the All In podcast Jason Calcanis had made on June 9 of the previous year. Co-founder of Ethereum Vitalik Buterin pulled his practical joke, claiming in a lighthearted blog post that the only permissible political theory for cryptocurrencies is “degen communism,” a playful dig at meme-coins.