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Wednesday, October 20, 2021

Florida Police Have Raided the Home of Rebekah Jones, a Former Covid-19 Data Scientist

Rebekah Jones, a former data scientist for Covid-19 had her house raided by the Florida police, which has led opinions to surface about the growing rift between them. The rift opened up after the data scientist accused the state government of deliberately covering up the impact and the extent of the coronavirus pandemic. The Department of Health for the state had already fired Rebekah Jones from her work back in May, but it seemed that she had already opened up a can of worms. For now, the law enforcers came at her with a search warrant on Monday morning. 

Why Did the Florida Police Knock At the Door of Rebekah Jones?

The allegations against her- they have been investigating if Rebekah Jones had decided to access the messaging system that the state government uses. The point of contention was that she had gotten her authenticated unlawfully- in order to speak up regarding the number of deaths through coronavirus. 

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In an interview with CNN, Rebekah Jones had already spoken about how she hadn’t been accessing any system of her own. Rather, she had been denied access to her account on the government computer after she was fired from her station. 

The police interference was nothing short of harrowing for her and her family. At 8.30 am, around 10 officers raided her home at Tallahassee, where a video captured a cop pointing his gun at the stairwell. She mentioned that the stairwell had her children and her husband looking out, but the video doesn’t clarify that. 

Rebekah Jones also mentioned that the officers had been waving their guns pretty close to her face, and had taken away her phone, computer, hard, and thumb drives. 

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Although the spokesperson for the law enforcement was quick to mention that Rebekah Jones had taken 20 minutes to open her door, they never spoke about the gun drawn by the officers later. 


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