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Tuesday, November 30, 2021

Former Engineer from Apple Speaks About How the Development of the AirPods Max took 4 years

There were rumors afloat all the way back in 2018, that Apple was trying to develop AirPods Max- over-ear headphones which would be high-end. These rumors came after the first mention of such headphones appeared through the courtesy of an analyst from Apple Ming-Chi Kuo. Yet Dinesh Dave, a former engineer from Apple, recently tweeted that the timeline for the development of this product went way before that. While the tweets have already been deleted, a Twitter user managed to take screenshots of the tweet where Dave had linked the announcement of the AirPods Max, with his NDA. 

When asked by another Twitter user, Dave said the NDA was signed 4 years back. Interestingly, Apple had previously launched the AirPods line in 2016- 4 years back. With the rising popularity of the product, the company decided to explore uncharted territories and the potential of the ‘hearables’. 

What Were the Rumors Regarding the AirPods Max?

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Before the company brought out its official announcement last Tuesday, there were quite a few rumors about the product. And it must be mentioned that not all the rumors were focused on the specifications and design of the product. Rather, there were quite a few rumors which spoke of delays that the company was experiencing. There were also rumors that the AirPods Max was supposed to be launched sometime two years back. 

AirPods Max will now be available for pre-order on the official website of Apple. The launch date has been fixed at 15th December, but there is already quite a massive wait time- that runs all the way to March 2021. 

There were two different versions of headphones tested by the company- one that had sophistry about it, and the other was a ‘fitness-focused model’. We can ascertain that the sophisticated, premium version was the AirPods Max. This means that Apple could be bringing out other headphones the following year too.

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