Founder Explains That Little Shapes Was Meant To Reveal NFT Botnets


Little Shapes NFT’s pseudonymous creator, Atto, has claimed that the initiative was a “social experiment” meant to throw light on Twitter scams involving large-scale NFT (nonfungible token) bot networks.

Little Shapes Served A Higher Purpose In The Eyes Of Atto

The cryptocurrency community as well as the media have paid a lot of attention to Little Shapes since the end of last year. This is owing to multiple almost-viral tweets outlining instances in the life of the founder that appeared too fantastic to be true. For instance, one man woke up from being in a coma for 5 months to discover he had holdings secured on FTX, told his wife, and then discovered that she had been involved in adultery with other individuals in the industry of NFT.

However, on February 2, the Little Shapes NFT Twitter account published a link for a document that was 158 pages long with its 30,800 supporters and wrote “thanks for participating everyone – Little Shapes was a social experiment by @BALLZNFT.” It continued explaining that the expose, however, was not fabricated. The document was, the tweet claimed, how a group of influencers and founders siphoned off over $200 million across 274 projects.

The document’s title reads: “The insider NFT bot network that’s been influencing the market behind the scenes.” It claims that several insignificant NFT ventures have used networks involving bots to artificially inflate their profile since February of last year in an effort to con investors.

When asked to characterize Little Shapes, BALLZNFT founder Atto called it “performance art”. He emphasized that people are reluctant to be attentive unless they have some sort of reason for doing so in an interview given to BuzzFeed News published on February 2. He explained that he conjured the LittleShapes NFT experiment because he needed a tale that sells which would ensure no one disregards a narrative that hurts.