Six Inquiries For Kieran Warwick, The Creator Of Illuvium


The founder of the GameFi project Illuvium, Kieran Warwick, spoke with us about the sector’s issues and potential highlights for the upcoming year. As of April 1, Illuvium’s valuation was slightly around $900 million, based on publicly available measures.

Following Are The Questions Asked To The Founder Of Illuvium

  • What is the biggest obstacle preventing blockchain technology from being widely used?

Our greatest obstacle is the user experience. 

  • There have been several “killer apps” for cryptocurrency, such as decentralized applications (dApps), nonfungible tokens (NFTs), and decentralized finance (DeFi), but none of them have truly taken off yet. What will endure?

Despite my apparent prejudice, I firmly think that gaming will become a popular medium.

  • To date, what has been the most difficult task you have undertaken in our sector?

I’m finding it most difficult to acclimate to popular adoption’s slow pace. When I see what seems to be an obvious and beneficial invention accepted slowly, I become impatient easily, and it irritates me when others don’t see the same potential.

  • What do you anticipate to be the main blockchain trend for the upcoming year?

I can’t decide between layer-2 DeFi programs and games. The previous cycle’s main obstacles to cryptocurrency were expensive gas prices and sluggish transaction times.

  • Which location is the most fascinating you’ve ever been to, and why?

I took my closest buddy on a Contiki vacation in South America when I was starting in my 20s. Peru was visited during the journey.

  • Which book has had the most impact on you? Why?

It is, without a doubt, Shoe Dog: A Memoir by the Creator of Nike, the autobiography of Phil Knight. It is amazing how he founded Nike.