Frida Kahlo Art Work Now Displayed In The Metaverse

Frida Kahlo

The family of the well-known painter Frida Kahlo released into the metaverse previously unseen works of art and artifacts connected to the artist.

One of the most played metaverse games is called Decentraland. Numerous well-known celebrities and eco-system groups have drawn attention to the virtual world. It just revealed details of its annual Metaverse art week, where users may immerse themselves in a number of incredible events. It started on August 24 and will last until August 28 of 2022. Digital versions of the works of renowned Mexican artist Frida Kahlo are being uploaded to the metaverse, along with artifacts and hidden family tales. 

Frida Kahlo Will Be Joining The Metaverse

The event’s “World is Made of Code” theme is based on coding. It includes mathematics, equations, numbers, codes, and more. According to the blog article, code is the essential component in virtual worlds like Decentraland. One of the most well-known landmark events in the metaverse will feature participation from companies like OpenSea, Sotheby’s, Raible, and others.

It will have an audio art tour that requires players to enter the game, find a dispenser with headphones, then put the headphones on their virtual avatars to listen to the tour. Another occasion is known as the Frida Kahlo Family Red House. Mexico was the home of the well-known painter Frida. In the 2022 film Frida, one of the most well-known actors, Salma Hayek, played the role of the artist. The exhibition will present works that have never been seen before and the first half of the artist’s life.

The largest NFT platform, OpenSea, will display a special infinite gallery where participants can view each and every non-fungible token currently on the market. Another NFT platform, Rarible, will display an exhibition that it co-curated with the Decentraland Foundation. In the game’s beehive room, users can fully immerse themselves in this experience.