Friend.Tech Has Denied Reports That Database Of Over 100K Users Was Leaked


The team behind, the viral decentralized social media platform, has already gone ahead and refuted a report that went on to claim that the personal information of over 100,000 of its users had been leaked. The report, which has now been amended, was first posted by The Block and suggested that the data which was posted by Banteg, a pseudonymous developer for Yearn Finance, was nothing but leaked information.

The team from the social media platform, however, went on to clarify that the information had come from scraping its public API. The official account argued that it was like stating that someone had hacked them by looking at their public feed on Twitter

Friend.Tech’s Struggles With Privacy Continue

The post from also received some input from X’s Community Notes contributors. The community note read that the underlying data was public and anybody would be able to work it out after reading a block explorer- so if one bought a share, 5% of it would go to the wallet of the creator, and they would have to further fund their wallet. The database would go ahead and scrap that public info. Banteg had originally published a repository of the scraped data which was publicly available, which also contained details of the users on the platform on GitHub. 

This data from also included some of the wallet addresses on Base, which were then linked to the corresponding Twitter usernames of around 101,000 users. Banteg then went on to write that close to 101,183 people had already given the social media platform to post as them, and leaked the db indicates.