G Suite: Google Challenges Microsoft And Introduces A Google Workspace

G Suite

G Suite: A Google workspace is receiving major resistance and rebranding as the company plans of expanding its limits. The major component of this rebranding is to merge several of Google’s products together. Products such as Sheets, Meet, Calendar, Docs, and Gmail are also receiving a revamp. Moreover, a Business Plan has been added to give users more management features. 

The tech company announced several other exciting features as well. One of them is that users will now be able to open a new document for everyone present in the Google Group without having to open a new tab. Moreover, users can video call each other through Google Doc. This G Suite feature will get rid of having to constantly open up new chat windows or chase other user’s cursors to keep track of what’s happening. 

The one issue that Google Workspace seems to want to tackle inefficiency. 

G Suite: Several Apps In One Google Workspace

Merging several apps into one workspace is not a new idea. Microsoft’s Office has tried to achieve similar things with fluid frames. 

With the recent revamp, it looks like Google is gearing up to challenge Microsoft Office on a much higher level. There’s no doubt about it since the Google Workspace VP clearly stated that, with the launch of G Suite, Microsoft Office will come to an end. 

It looks like rivalries are getting serious. 

We should also note that Google had already included Gmail and Google Meet. This indicates that the tech giant had already been planning on creating a Google workspace. With G Suite, users will have the option of accessing other Google apps while using one. It’s not just about tabs anymore. It’s about an enhanced Google Workspace experience. 

Users will be able to see some ruby changes from today itself. You can now preview your other documents while you work in on another. Moreover, your “smart chips” have also received an extended function. They are cards that appear on your screen when someone mentions another person in a google doc by using “@“. 

Google Workspace Icon Will Get A New Look

Other features from the Google workspace revamp includes creating a fresh document directly from the chatbox. As mentioned, users can also video call during presentations in Google doc. These sophisticated changes will be introduced to business customers within a few weeks. For non-business customers, these new changes will be made available in some months. 

We should note that all these changes are extremely desktop-centric. It focuses on apps that are present in web browsers. It’s unlikely that smartphone users will get to enjoy G Suite to its fullest anytime soon. 

It has also been reported that the Google Workspace icon will receive a new look. Revolt from users is expected since Google’s look is so classic and any change in icons usually receives initial criticism.