GameFi And Web3 Gaming Is Getting A Complete Makeover As A Result Of The Metaverse


The gaming industry has been paying close attention to the growing sector of GameFi, which utilizes the technology of the blockchain- and several brands that have actually launched their own blockchain games. However, most of the games actually lack any engaging gameplay mechanics, and people still turn towards successful traditional games to get that enjoyment.

This is why Undeads has been aiming to get these elements to the actual forefront with extremely high values of production, high entertainment, as well as replayability values- that have not been seen in the space of Web3. For those who are unaware, Undeads Metaverse is a AAA survival game that has completely revolutionized the world of gaming through blockchain. The team has over 70 developers who are using play-to-earn mechanics, high production values, as well as a properly designed game that would be ushering in a new era of gaming in the Web3 space. 

GameFi Universe Could Get A Boost Through Undeads

The GameFi team has also been in collaboration with other high-end production companies like the Warner Brothers, and Wabi Sabi Sound- a world-renowned design and sound company. This helps in bringing forth a truly immersive gaming experience for the players. The Undeads Metaverse has also been in total production over the last 13 months and has invested close to $5 million from private investment.

This project has reportedly had 25 in-game smart contracts that have been audited successfully by Certik as a part of the 360-degree cybersecurity strategy- something that has worked in conjunction with RedScan, a security partner- which is also the cybersecurity branch of Kroll- designed to create a secure and safe ecosystem.