Gaming Headphones: Astro A03, First Of Its Kind By Astro

Astro A03

Astro A03 will be debuted soon. These in-ear gaming headphones are one of its kind since Astro does not really make headphones. It will be interesting to see how and why Astro decided to take this surprising step. However, we are sure there’s an appropriate reason behind this. And when it comes to Astro gaming headphones, we have no doubt about their impressive features. 

Recently, Astro also released their A20 Gen 2 and A40 headset. They cost $49.99 by the way. We agree that the price is not convenient for gamers on a tight budget. However, the fit and quality of sound this gaming headset offers are one of the best. 

Astro’s First Gaming Headphones Compatible With All Platforms

Astro A03, the company’s first gaming headphones, can be plugged in with a 3.5mm. This is one of the best news that’s come from Astro in a while. Since the device features 3.5mm, it can basically fit with any platform currently available. 

Be it the Nintendo Switch, Switch Lite, Xbox One, PS4, a PC, an iOS device, or an Android. Its mufti compatibility makes it super desirable for many users, not just gamers. Moreover, you can also fit with your PS5 controller and Xbox Series X when you get a hand on these consoles. 

If we look at microphone support and online controls, the Astro A03 supports CTIA Standard. This means that Astro’s first gaming headphones will allow gamers to use it on smartphones and consoles. However, the company mentioned that the inline buttons will not be functional just yet. 

Get A Powerful And Rich Audio Experience With Astro A03

As per statements from the company, the Astro 03 buds will come with two major drivers. They both focus on the lows and the bass. It’s clear that the company is dedicated to giving gamers nothing less than a powerful and rich audio experience. 

Gamers need a detailed and vivid gaming background. The dual drivers in Astro gaming headphones will allow gamers to listen to every detail of their game background. Moreover, voice chats will be clearly streamed. 

Many have drawn similarities between Logitech’s G333 which is manufactured to be used with Oculus Quest 2 VR headset. However, we should note that Astro A03 comes with an in-line microphone. The gaming headphones will be made available in different colors and a soft storing case. 

Even though Astro A03 was not made for VR, it can still be used for the same. 

For gamers who like to enjoy their video games while traveling, this gaming headphone by Astro is perfect for them. Additionally, Astro A03 does have multiple purposes since it’s compatible with all the platforms currently available. 

Would you like to give it a try?