Gather all information from your service at Google BigQuery

Google BigQuery
Google BigQuery

Collect, transfer, and analyze all data generated by your platform users’ in one place. Research customers’ behavior directly and instantly service at Google BigQuery.  

Collect and upload your data with maximum efficiency 

Our service compiles the information collected from your service and transfers it to Google’s Big Data processing service – BigQuery. Forget about maneuvering in Google Analytics limited functionality! Use OWOX BI to conduct research and create reports on users’ activity without sampling the raw data. 

Use dedicated pre-made SQL queries to make reports with ease. The data structure used by OWOX BI is compatible with Google services, allowing for data transfer from Google Analytics to Google BigQuery to go smoothly and efficiently. 

Base your reports on pure and raw data 

Collect full information on the user’s behavior and gather it at Google BigQuery with OWOX BI. Record and analyze every action and base your research and reports on an explicit picture assembled on transmitted hits with increased size (up to 16 KB). 

Analyze every action: thanks to OWOX BI, you can not only transfer your data but assign values to it. Collect the information and group it in any way you like – by actions, dates, purchases, or anything else. 

Help your site to download faster 

Optimization is everything: our service helps pages load faster and enhance the user experience by using an optimized JavaScript tracker. Transfer the information on the user’s actions from Google Analytics to Google BigQuery without putting an extra strain on the devices and browsers of your clients. Or use tracking code from OWOX BI to lose Google Analytics entirely. 

We guarantee the safety and high quality of your data 

To avoid data imbalance, OWOX BI ensures that the data in BigQuery matches the data in Analytics every day. If any disparities happen, you’ll receive the report immediately and can ensure that your data is safe.  

We also back up your information in case Google services suffer a setback. OWOX BI ensures that the quality of your gathered data is above 96%. 

Instantly gauge your information 

OWOX BI records behavioral occurrences automatically. You can observe each action taken in your service within 5 minutes after it occurred. Should any issue happen, you can react to it immediately.  

Calculate the revenue in seconds 

Analyze every action as our service can evaluate the cost of each user’s session. Check and compare ROA’s for different groups of users depending on their experience and reactions during the specific event.  

Divide users by cohorts and discover advertisement value for each of them. See how effective your advertisement is, how engaging are activities at your service, which events affect which categories of users. 

Analyze your information retroactively 

Manage your data without any trouble. Need to know what the user did before adding wares into their cart, or any events happening before registration(maybe, track how the user was motivated to sign up)? Manage all data already uploaded to BigQuery with ease to juxtapose users’ activity during an extended period.  

Track your advertisement effectiveness 

There’s a way to determine advertisement effectiveness even if it comes into effect later on. With big data analysis from OWOX BI, you can check post-view reports find out which banner, post, or video leads to more conversions. 

Gather all data from the website or an app in one place. Reach peak efficiency by analyzing behavioral patterns. 

Advantages OWOX BI has over the competition 

Use every bit of data 

Get the chance to reach out to every potential customer, not only to ones who willingly went up to the end of the sales funnel. Match users with their actions and personal information like an email address to connect with everyone and remind them of relevant proposals.  

All data is yours 

We won’t lock your data from you. Every piece of the information you collected using OWOX BI remains in your control and possession even if you stop using our services. 

Ensuring stability and fail-proof stucture 

By allocating our servers in different countries, we aim to make the service available and fast for every user worldwide, minimize response times, collect every bit of data, and ensure stable work during peak loadout and force majeure situations.  

Use the service across multiple platforms 

If you own a network of platforms sharing the same audience, OWOX User ID ensures research and reports can be used to analyze every user on every platform. 

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