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Google App Store To Take 30 Percent From App Developers

On Monday, Google revealed that the company will be updating its Google App Store rules soon. One major update requires app developers to use Google’s in-inbuilt payment option to distribute their Android software. 

The deadline for app developers to switch to Google App store’s in-built payment system is 30th September 2021. So, instead of taking independent payment, Google will take a fee of 30 percent. With this update, Google has aligned itself with Apple’s All Store rules. 

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Many app developers have voiced criticism against Apple’s AppStore Guidelines. The tech giant’s defense has always been that other stores, such as Google Play, also take similar cuts from in-app purchases. 

VP Says He Wants To Be Loud And Clear About Google App Store And It’s Updated Payment Policy

While Google has updated its policy that requires app developers to use Google App Store’s payment system, the policy is still to be enforced. While Google did not name any names, it said that there are a couple of apps that ask users to pay directly to them. 

On Monday, the company revealed that around 97 percent of their app developers already comply with Google’s policies in selling their digital app goods. It has been reported from outside sources that Spotify and Netflix do not use Google App Store’s payment system and instead ask users to pay directly to them through a credit card. 

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As per statements released on Monday, Google wants to be clear about the company’s Google Play policies. They also said that they want to apply these rules fairly and consistently to all contributing app developers. The company further mentioned that they updated their Payments Policy language to more explicitly express that all digital blogs sold on Google App Store will be required to bill via the store’s in-app payment system. Google’s statements were loud and clear. It was signed by the Product Management VP, Sameer Samat. 

Like Netflix and Spotify, Epic Games also made a software update recently that allowed gamers to pay Epic directly circumventing the Google Play payment system. Epic Games did the same for its iOS users. As a result, Fortnite has been removed from both Apple AppStore and Google App Store. Currently, Epic Games is involved in a legal battle with both Google and Apple. 

Apple AppStore Draws More Heat Over Similar Policy

While Google Play policies and Apple AppStore guidelines are basically the same, Apple has drawn much heat over the issue than Google. 

This could be because Android users have more options other than Google App Store, like Galaxy App Store in Samsung phones. 

Apple, on the other hand, has witnessed developers from Spotify, Match, and Epic Games come against Apple’s AppStore policies. 

Google also mentioned that its next android will let users access a number of apps much easily via Google App Store.

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