Apple AirPlay Now Available On Roku 4K TV And Streamers

Apple AirPlay

It looks like Roku and Apple AirPlay’s collaborating will bring joy to iOS users. By the end of 2020, all Roku powered streamers and TVs will receive a software upgrade, which will enable a user to access HomeKit and Apple AirPlay. What’s more? Roku 4K TV will be fully compatible with Apple AirPlay soon. 

This will be the first such collaboration for Apple. Besides Apple TV, no other device has ever been compatible with Apple AirPlay. This upgrade will be huge for people who do not want to spend too much money but want to experience AirPlay on a streaming device. While Apple TV costs an exuberant $150, Roku’s cheapest okay to get this software update comes at only $40. 

Apart from Roku streaming platforms, other companies to have added Apple AirPlay earlier include Visio, Sony, LG, and Samsung. 

You Can Mirror Your Apple AirPlay Content On Your Roku TV

Via Apple AirPlay, you can mirror your iPhone, iPod, iPad, and Mac devices on Hogg Roku streamer. This means that you can check your photos, stream videos, access your music, and even okay games using musing your wifi. 

On the other hand, HomeKit allows you to control your TV using Apple’s Home app, Siri, or HomePod. Moreover, voice control for your Roku devices already via Google Assistant and Alexa. 

Taking the latest news into account, Roku is surely going to give tough competition to Amazon Fire TV. Although Amazon revealed several new devices, it is still not compatible with AirPlay. 

As per statements, all of Roku streaming devices will receive this HomeKit and Apple AirPlay upgrade. Roku 4, the 2015 model, is the sole streaming device that will not receive this free upgrade. 

Is Your Roku Device Eligible For The Upgrade?

If you are still wondering if your Roku device is eligible for the upgrade, simply check if your device model number starts with a “6”. These models are older once from 2016, and so, they won’t be receiving any upgrades. If your Roku device is even older, simply go to Settings. Then tap on System, and then go to About to check your model number. It will be on Roku TV. 

Considering other companies and their models that they have paired with Apple AirPlay, Roku’s device support system is quite impressive. While Visio has upgraded its devices from 2016 to Add Apple AirPlay, Sony and Samsung have only added the update to their 2018 TV models. LG, on the other hand, has upgraded only their TV models from the last two years. 

The Roku software update is called OS 9.4. Users will also get access to Live TV, which will lead to 115 live channels. The update will begin on select devices by this month.