Google Gets In On Ethereum Merge Excitement With Nifty Easter Egg


The internet behemoth Google has added a new countdown timer to mark the remaining time till the impending Ethereum Merge as a show of solidarity.

A countdown ticker showing the anticipated time left till the Merging based on the current difficulty, hashing rate, and merge difficulty is displayed when you type any variant of “Ethereum Merge” or “The Merge” into the search engine.

A cartoon of two joyful pandas sprinting toward one another with outstretched hands is displayed off to the side; it is implied that they will come closer as the Merge date approaches.

In a tweet on September 9, Google Cloud developer Sam Padilla said the timer was “a nice little surprise” and a way to acknowledge “the labour that has been going into this for years.”

Google On The Edge Of Their Seats As Ethereum Merge Getting Close: 

Although he acknowledged that the work was completed by the Google search and laboratories team, he claimed to have “kickedstart” the idea and the discussion that resulted in the timer’s implementation.

The timer is directly tied to the blockchain, Padilla stated in the same post and updates the countdown in real-time.

The search engine has established a Web3 team under Google Cloud on May 6, signaling the company’s growing interest in the cryptocurrency sector. But others besides Google developers are paying close attention to the Merge.

According to recent search statistics, searches for the term “Ethereum Merge” generated a score above 50 on many occasions during the past 30 days, peaking at 100 on September 3.

Singapore, Switzerland, Canada, Germany, the United States, and the Netherlands are the nations most interested in the impending Ethereum Merge, according to recent research by CoinGecko.

The frequency of ten search phrases, such as “Ethereum Merge,” “ETH Merge,” and “Ethereum PoW,” was examined to derive rankings, which were then combined to get an overall ranking.