Government Shutdown: House Implements A Stopgap Bill Of 1-day To Avoid It From Happening

Government Shutdown
Government Shutdown

On the night of Sunday, the House swiftly decided to provide an extension for government funding of 1-day. This acted as a last-minute measure to avoid a government shutdown as the chambers moved slowly through the last steps of approving a bigger COVID-19 relief package from Monday.

This was a much needed 24-hour buffer following the negotiations about the extensive spending bill that was stopped on Sunday due to a few stubborn disagreements. Ultimately, this delayed the drafting and releasing process of the last package.

Finally, the bill was quickly approved by the Senate which was signed by Trump right before the shutdown deadline at midnight.

Government Shutdown Averted Before Midnight Deadline

As the clock approached midnight government shutdown, Democratic leaders of the House announced this 1-day stopgap to buy more time to change the legislation from both the chambers and the President’s desk within this week.

This public announcement came in right before the leaders of the House and the Senate declared that they had cemented a deal for a more extensive package. Steny Hoyer, Majority Leader of House, tweeted regarding this agreement which will be passed the next day. He has further added that this step was taken for the purpose of getting more time for the preparation of the concerned bill. The House shall be assembling at 6:30 pm in order to consider the ongoing resolution of the 1-day stopgap for averting the government shutdown.

The Rules Committee will likely meet on Monday morning for deciding the guidelines leading the package during the debate. The package will combine approximately $900B emergency relief with over $1T government funding through coming September.

There will be multiday CR for addressing the logistical issues that usually takes place during the season of holidays. The legislation will arrive on Monday which will be fast-tracked through to Trump’s desk.