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GS Stimulus Check 2: Eligibility If You Received GSS 1

A new round of stimulus checks is expected to occur as per Newsom’s Comeback Plan for California. Another stimulus check round has been initiated for even more residents, making some Californians get another payment.

It turned out that the State made a record budget with a surplus, and the GS Stimulus Check 2 got initiated. The decision of a second-round stimulus check will benefit some fortunate residents who already got paid during the 1st round. 

Eligibility For Second Round Stimulus Check Payment

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The eligibility criteria for the three stimulus check payment rounds were, the taxpayers must have a number for Social Security, and the annual wage must be under $75,000. Taxpayers using ITIN (Individual Identification numbers) were ineligible for the federal programs for stimulus checks. People who can’t get a number from social security but work or live in America may receive an ITIN for filing taxes.

Eligible California residents received payments of either $600 or $1200 during the GS Stimulus Check 1 and are expected to get another $1000 during the 2nd round. They must also claim at least one dependent on their tax return for 2020. Not claiming a dependent will automatically make them ineligible for the second round of stimulus checks. As per the GS Stimulus II, the qualifying ceiling is upgraded, which will allow the residents with social security numbers and AGIs between $30,000 to $75,000 to get a payment worth $600. The residents with dependents will be receiving another $500, making it $1100 being paid by California’s FTB.

According to the tax agency of California, the first payment has begun being sent from August 27 via direct deposit, but the majority of stimulus payments will get issued between 1st September 2021, and 15th October 2021. Residents without direct deposit setup will have to be paid via paper checks. These will be sent according to the ending 3 digits of their tax return’s zip code.

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The payments will be made based on the filler’s tax return for 2020. For receiving the check, tax returns are compulsory, and the taxation authority must accept the return by October 15. Those who haven’t filed tax returns will get an extra wait time. The FTB said tax returns filed after 20th August 2021 should allow a processing time of 45 days and up to 60 days before they get the check in hand.

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