Golden State Stimulus Check II: October 15 Tax Deadline To Get Your Payment

Stimulus Check
Stimulus Check

The Golden State Stimulus checks are being dispatched to residents of California in regular batches. This Friday marked the last day for most Californians to file their returns and be eligible for a stimulus check of $1,100 max, according to the tax board of the state.

The payments are based on returns made in the previous year. one of the primary criteria is that residents should report earnings that should be $75,000 or below to qualify for the stimulus check.

October 15 was also the deadline for residents who requested an extension on tax returns for 2020. Other stipulations for qualifying for the state stimulus check include a valid Social Security Number or an Individual Taxpayer Identification Number. It is also mandatory that the taxpayer is not claimed by any other claimant as a dependent.

Residents of California who applied for an ITIN by the October 15 deadline will be given an additional 4 months to file their state tax returns, according to statements released by the Franchise Tax Board. They will still qualify for the state stimulus check.  

Terms Of Second Golden State Stimulus Check

Under the GSS II program, eligible residents of California will receive a stimulus check of up to $600. They will also receive an extra payment of $500 if they have a dependent as shown in the tax returns for 2020. So the maximum comes to $1,100.

Several recipients who claimed a dependent in the previous payment (GSS I) will also receive an additional $500. The state has uploaded an online resource that helps residents determine their eligibility for the program, and also how much they can expect to receive.

The 3rd round of payments went out last week and included paper checks for the first time. California has sent out over 3.3M payments with a combined value of over $2.3B.