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Friday, July 1, 2022

GTC Price Has Increased By 100% Over A Month

GTC is a community of creators, builders, and protocols which has been designed to develop the open internet future. This comes under the blockchain industry which has decided to expand and turn into a major part of everyday life with the idea of one single chain which would rule them all.

This also brings into question the general ideology for the maximalism of blockchain which has started to fall to the wayside while focusing on the cross-chain collaboration as well as the interoperability of what was to come to the forefront. 

The List Of Partner Protocols Expands For GTC

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According to data received from TradingView as well as Cointelegraph Markets Pro, the price of GTC has increased by 103% from a down-low of $4.78 on the 20th of July to an impressive high of $9.71 on the 11th of August as more participants have decided to align with the project as well as the goal of advancing the infrastructure of the Web3.

There are a few reasons behind the impressive growth of the token currency- with the expanding list of partner platforms along with DAO governance features that provide the members of the community control of the platform. 

The main mission of the protocol of GTC is to support and create the Web3 infrastructure. This does include the development of new tools, networks as well as technologies that would facilitate open-source development.

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Therefore, the ecosystem of Gitcoin has been made open to the workings of a wide variety of platforms and protocols which would help them develop by provisioning development grants as well as hosting hackathons. 

As GTC offers more attractive prizes, the development grants provided to hackathon participants will be able to attract community members and developers which would be crucial to continue their growth. 

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