Halloween With Alexa: 9 Scary Features To Make The Night Spookier!


The pandemic situation is very naturally going to change the Halloween routine this year. Therefore, many will spend the holiday inside the house. Amazon Echo has upgraded the features of Alexa in a manner that Halloween indoors will be fun for your family and the neighborhood kids who come up to your door looking for a trick or treat. Here is how the Alexa with its Halloween specials will transform your home into a spooky house (available on Amazon Echo for $65).

Amazon Echo Hid Outside To Scare Others

Not only can an Echo hid outside playing spooky sounds startle whoever visits the house, but it can also have a great pandemic protection plan.  The voice Drop-in feature of the device can help you maintain social distance and still interact with the little ghosts who visit your house looking for treats. You can put the candy out in separate pouches to avoid touching.

Spooky Sounds By Alexa

Alexa can get you into the Halloween feels by playing varieties of spooky screams and sounds when asked. This can help you to set an ideal spooky trap by instructing Alexa to play a chilling scream after five minutes and scare your victim. Alexa is capable of playing spooky sounds for fifty minutes straight. All you have to do is command Alexa by asking her to begin spooky Halloween sounds.

Halloween Games

Alexa can fill your Halloween with fun indoors by playing several popular Halloween games. Games such as Magic Door, Ghost Detector, Haunted Adventure, Halloween Feel The Pressure are all available on Alexa to make the holiday more exciting for kids and adults alike.


Haunted Tales

Whenever asked, Alexa can tell numerous long and short ghost stories. Voice artists are narrating the stories making them all the more exciting for children. Alexa can also play scary quickies which are two liners with greater impacts with Scare Me. Alexa Blueprint can help the users make their own scary stories.

Who Is At The Door?

From Alexa compatible doorbells with video access to booing your friends from a safe distance, Alexa is capable of doing it all. With this device maintaining social distancing in the pandemic yet having fun has become easy to access.

Your Own Haunted House

You are fully equipped to turn your home into a haunted house with the help of Alexa. Alexa can help you change to spookier lights with sound effects to bring the actual ghostly feels this Halloween. 

Spooky Halloween Music

Your favorite music playlist can now include your favorite Halloween songs and music. With proper instructions Alexa can play the Halloween songs one after another, creating a great eerie atmosphere.

Costume Ideas

Late to decide a costume for the Halloweens? No fear when Alexa’s here! Halloween costume idea skills from Alexa will give you amazing costume plans that can be easily carried out at home.

Halloween Jokes 

When things get too scary Alexa will come to the rescue with endless Halloween jokes. The funniest jokes on different kinds of popular Halloween characters will add sparkle to your new normal Halloween this year.

So, the new normal Halloween seems real fun if Alexa is used in a proper strategic manner, to add thrills!