Hayden Panettiere Has Debuted Her Bold New Pink Hair

Hayden Panettiere

Hayden Panettiere is having quite a pretty-in-pink moment as the 34-year-old star of Nashville surprised her fans on Instagram on Saturday by putting out a picture of herself in a bold new look. Panettiere next uploaded a picture of her in a white robe- and was also glammed up with some shimmery pink eyeshadow, coupled with a rosy blush in order to match her hair. The picture showed her admiring her new hairdo in a heart-shaped hand mirror. Nevertheless, it does seem to be quite unclear if her new look is just a temporary change for a photo shoot, or if the actress has plans of keeping this for quite some time now. 

Hayden Panettiere Is Slowly Getting Her Life Back On Track

In March, Hayden Panettiere revealed in a pretty candid interview with Women’s Health that he had gone through a period of severe hair loss due to the struggles she had with alcohol addiction. She also stated that she had moved towards drinking in order to cope with her anxiety while she was on an extended break from her career in acting, but then that took a pretty heavy toll on her overall health.

Speaking to the magazine in January, she stated that she had been struggling with sleep deprivation for quite some time, and the consequences were massive. For, as we all know, sleep affects one’s motor skills, one’s ability to think, and overall health. 

Thankfully, Hayden Panettiere had the good sense to consult a professional, after which she joined a treatment facility for the second time in 2021, and started a 12-step program, along with intensive trauma therapy. She stated that she had done quite a lot of work on herself. According to her own statement, she has been embracing quite a series of healthy habits that have helped her deal with quite a lot of physical ailments. In order to combat her insomnia and anxiety, she also follows a nightly routine that includes drinking a cup of chamomile tea with milk and honey.