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Here’s How You Can Buy Microsoft’s Xbox Series X For Just $35 A Month

If you have been planning to upgrade to Microsoft’s gaming console but getting disheartened by the price of them, we have got good news for you. Even though the Xbox Series S is much cheaper than the Xbox Series X, is still quite expensive for a gamer on a tight budget. But, the heart wants what it wants. Maybe you can invest in a console payment plan.

Microsoft’s latest consoles will be officially launched on the 10th of November. However, preorders already started on the 22nd of this month for the US market. At the same time, Sony is also launching its latest Playstation 5. 

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Microsoft has introduced a monthly payment plan for gamers who want to get the consoles but not lose out on a ton of money at once. Everyone who chooses this option will receive their consoles along with the Game Pass. 

If you choose to buy your Xbox Series X or Xbox Series S Through this monthly payment option, you can save around $20 for Xbox Series X and $60 for Xbox Series S. 

What Is The Monthly Payment Plan For Microsoft’s Xbox Series X And Xbox Series S?

Gamers can choose to pay a certain amount per month to and get their consoles. 

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First, you will need to have Citizens One Line of Credit from any of the select retailers. If you are selected, you will receive your Microsoft console along with the Game Pass. Then, you can select a monthly payment plan to pay down your Xbox Series X or Xbox Series S, whichever you choose. The best part is that there will be 0 percent interest. 

However, one thing that might deter a gamer from this deal is losing money over a possible current subscription. You will receive a Game Pass with your console, but if you already have a subscription that with an expiry date beyond the Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S launch date, that could mean double buy. 

Apart from this issue, there doesn’t seem to be any other problem with choosing Microsoft’s Xbox All Access option. 

What Are The Features Of Microsoft’s Xbox All Access Plan?

The market price of Xbox Series S is $300. With the Xbox All Access plan you will have to pay a monthly amount of $25 for two years. 

For Xbox Series X, you will have to pay $35 a month for two years. It’s price currently stands at $500. 

Microsoft’s Game Pass will give you access to over 100 games. Gamers can access them from both PC and an Xbox console. All the plans provided have 0 percent APY. This means that there won’t be any annual, late, or extra application fee. 

All you need to get yourself approved for Microsoft’s Xbox All-Access Plan are a few of your details. They include your name, your address and phone number, Yor birthdate, annual income details, and your social security number. 

There’s no cheaper way to secure your Xbox Series X.

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