Personalize Your iPhone Screen By Downloading Apple iOS 14 Right Now

iOS 14

Apple iOS 14 has taken the internet by storm with its latest shortcut and widget smith apps. There’s a reason why users are going gaga over their iPhone screens. iPhone screens never looked more fun and exciting. 

There hasn’t been much change in iPhone screens in a very long time. However, the recent Apple iOS 14 revealed that a user can customize one’s screen to fit his or her aesthetics. What’s more? It’s just fun playing around with one’s screen. Moreover, a customized screen adds mystery to your personality. 

Customize Your iPhone Apps With The Latest Apple iOS 14 Update

Say goodbye to boring screens, a new trend is in town. 

Firstly, you need to visit your Shortcuts app, which will be preinstalled once you get your iOS 14 update done. Then, you will see a plus icon to the top right of your screen, Tao that. Then, tap on Add Action. A search bar will open up on your screen, simply type Open App. Then, proceed to Open App. Next, you can choose which app you want to customize. After you choose, press the three dots on the right corner. Now, you need to name the shortcut and simply press Add To Home Screen. 

Once that is done, browse and save images that you would like as your icon. 

When you have all the pictures ready, simply visit your Shortcuts app again and press your current icon. Tap Choose Photo. From here, you can choose whichever photo you like. You can even zoom out or in. Finally, tap on Choose and then, Add. 

This is how you customize your iPhone apps through the iOS 14 update. 

Customize Your iPhone Home Screen To Fit Your Aesthetics

iOS 14
Personalize Your iPhone Screen By Downloading Apple iOS 14 Right Now 2

The customization of home screens is probably one of the best things that Apple has introduced recently with its software update. 

To customize your iPhone home screen, you will have to download the Widgetsmith app. 

Visit the app and select your preferred widget size. You will see an option for larger, medium, and small. 

Along with the widget size, you can also customize the color and font of your iPhone home screen widget. When you are satisfied with the details, simply press Save to save your customization. 

Once that is done visit your iPhone home screen and slide an app in. Press Edit Home Screen. On the left hand side, you will see a plus sign. Look for Widgetsmith there and visit it. Select your widget size and press on Add Widget. 

If you want to change it further, simply press the app and select Edit Widget. This is about it. It’s this simple to customize your iPhone home screen and apps with Apple’s latest iOS 14 software update.