Apple’s macOS Big Sur Revealed To Developers: Here’s What We Know

macOS Big Sur

Today, Apple revealed its latest macOS Big Sur to get it tested by the company’s developers. The news comes a week after Apple released their sextuplets beta. Last, the tech giant had introduced this update at the Worldwide Developers Conference over 2 months ago. 

Once a user installs an appropriate profile, they can download Apple’s latest macOS Big Sur on Apple Developer Center. It has also been reported that more betas will follow in the Center as part of the Software Update. 

Some Features That Apple MacOS Big Sur Boasts Of

The Mac operating system has been completely revamped with the latest macOS Big Sur. One of the most prominent features of this beta is the overall design. The doc icons, the sound of the system, the windows corner curvature: everything has a fresh look to it. This update in appearance can best be described as modern. It’s simple, yet it has an attractive appearance. Furthermore, a new Control Center has been installed. This customizable control Center is quite similar to iOS control centers. This means that all the key controls can be controlled by a user’s fingerprints. 

Moreover, the notification box has also been revamped. The widgets are customizable as well. The notifications will also be grouped by apps, which will make keeping track of messages much easier. 

What’s more, with Apple’s latest macOS Big Sur, you will receive a much more efficient and faster safari. Furthermore, you can even choose to keep iCloud tabs and your reading list to your start page. Overall, it will help you access your most-used apps much faster. 

Apple has also redesigned Tabs. Translation software is already built in the device. Furthermore, Safari now allows Firefox and Chrome extensions. You can also enjoy 4K video quality on youtube. Moreover, Apple has further tightened its privacy features. Whenever you click on a website in Safari, the app will show you all the trackers that it is protecting you from. 

Apple Further Strengthens Its Privacy Practices

Even the Maps app is redesigned. You can look for routes, restaurants m, fuses, etc from trusted sources. You can further send information and updates from Maps to your iPhone. 

Your videos are more secured now as the camera will support the Face Recognition feature with the new macOS Big Sur. And, even Siri has been updated to answer many more questions than it ever did before. 

It has been reported that Apple is planning to update its privacy practices even more. You will be updated on what data which app collects. However, it’s not clear if this feature comes with the current macOS Big Sur beta. 

As per Apple, they have resolved all the issues that the previous beta faced. Furthermore, any developer who finds an unknown issue with macOS Big Sur beta 8 will be qualified for 50% of the Apple Security Bounty bonus payment.