Here’s When You Can Expect Your Apple iPhone 12 And More

iPhone 12

Apple has announced that it will debut its iPhone 12 soon. Amidst massive anticipation, several rumors are flying in the air. Everything we need to know will be revealed on the 13th of October. However, some details have already been leaked. It’s expected that Apple’s latest model will support 5G connectivity. Sources also say that the tech giant will unveil new iPad designs in its upcoming 13th October event. 

The virtual event will take place on Apple’s official website. 

It is expected that Apple will announce a ton of new upgrades. Some of the rumors suggest that the iPhone 12 model’s look will be inspired by iPad Pro design. As per data from Decluttr, an electronics reseller, around 53 percent of participants said that they will buy Apple’s latest iPhone 12. It’s clear that iOS users are already looking for an upgrade. 

Some of the other major phone manufacturers that could potentially rival the Apple iPhone 12 are Galaxy Z Fluo 2 by Samsung and Surface Duo by Microsoft. 

Apple Virtual Event Invite Hints A Faster 5G Connection

While other rival companies have upgraded their looks, like Samsung’s foldable smartphone, Apple seems to be focusing on increasing sales via faster connectivity. 

Traditionally, Apple virtual event invites have given out clues as to what the attendees should expect. Similarly, for the 13th October event, Apple has included a logo that suggests iPhone 12 will have 5G connectivity.

The mysterious logo looks like multiple circles in a reddish and orangish hue. Under the circles is the Apple logo. Under the logo, the text says “Hi, Speed.”

Sources also say that Apple might be announcing its latest over-ear new headphones. 

Recently, Apple has ordered all its retail stores to stop selling audio devices from rival brands. These devices have also been removed from Apple’s online store. Many people have been wondering if the circles in the Apple virtual event invite suggests revelations regarding new Apple audio devices. 

Additionally, the company also released an augmented visual trick on its official website. It shows orbs floating around and revealing the virtual event date. 

Sure, everyone is expecting an iPhone 12 reveal, but mysterious news of Apple audio devices is what’s sending people’s excitement off the roof. 

Apple’s last iPhone model was iPhone 11 priced at $799. The offshoots of the iPhone 11 were iPhone 11 Pro Max priced at $1099 and the iPhone 11 Pro priced at $999. All three were launched last year. iPhone 12 is scheduled to follow soon. 

Apple Claims Software Upgrade Among Others

Sources say that the price range of the iPhone 12 and its offshoots will be similar to last year’s releases. However, what’s changing are major upgrades. The features of the device, faster chipset, higher resolution cameras, and an upgrade in Apple’s latest iOS 14 software. 

It has also been rumored that the company is planning on releasing an iPhone 12 Mini. It seems possible since the iPad Mini is already a reality. 

Apple’s decision to offer an iPhone 12 Mini could be because many users have already complained about the increasingly growing size of Apple iPhones. 

As per Strategy Analytics, the tech giant will ship around 50 million iPhones that support 5G connectivity. That would mean that Apple will become one of the leading vendors of 5G this year. It has also been estimated that Apple will grow with just 3 months of iPhone 12 sales. 

Data also suggests that by 2021, Apple will be the biggest 5G smartphone vendor. 

Earlier this year, Apple released a statement saying that any official launch will be delayed by a few weeks this year. True to their words, the latest iPhone 12 devices are expected to arrive about a month after the event. It could be later in October or in the early days of November until you get to use your latest iOS device. 

Apple Virtual Event Likely To Crash With Amazon Prime Day Event

Amazon also has to reschedule its Prime Day event due to coronavirus complications. Now, it will take place on the 13th and 14th of October, which is when Apple’s virtual event will also take place. 

During the last Apple virtual event that took place in September, the company announced its latest Apple SmartWatch, new iPad miners, and its latest subscribers program: AppleOne. With AppleOne, users can get a service that combines Apple TV plus, Apple Music, Apple Arcade Gaming, and Apple News Plus. 

Moreover, Apple might also reveal its latest computer that is powered by a valuable Apple Silicon, the company’s very own chipset. 

Earlier all of Apple’s devices were powered by Intel processors. Now, even the Apple iPhone 12 might have an updated chipset. The company also stated that they will continue the sale of intel powered computers.

Even so, what’s most exciting is that Apple devices are going to get a complete revamp with faster 5G connectivity. 

Tim Cook, Apple’s CEO, released a statement saying that software and hardware are what’s fundamental to what Apple is all about. With the latest upgrades, the company wishes to take its devices to another level. 

Daniel Ives, an analyst, responded to Apple’s iPhone 12 rumors and said that he expects this model to be a defining moment for the company. He further compared the upcoming event to the event in 2014 that revealed the iPhone 6, which still holds the record for changing the worldview of smartphones. 

Ives further said that the 13th October Apple virtual event will be an event to remember.