ROG Phone 3: ASUS Gaming Phone Is Out Now For Just $1000

ASUS ROG Phone 3

Starting with a humble price of $1000, ASUS ROG Phone 3 is set to flood the US market. This 5G gaming phone comes along with several accessories and satires that will give users enhanced gaming experience. 

With the release of several consoles and video games meant for PC, the mobile gaming community has felt a bit left out. Well, no more. ASUS has just announced the launch of ROG Phone 3. This ASUS model is primarily meant to boost the mobile gaming community. 

ASUS 5G gaming phone will be powered by Qualcomm SnapDragon 865 Plus chip. It’s OLED HDR screen opens to 6.59 inches with an excellent 144 Hz refresh rate. Moreover, as mentioned, it supports 5G. This ASUS device comes with 3.1 ROM and 512 GB storage. And like the model from 2019, ROG Phone 3 comes with a battery power of 6000 mah.

ASUS Says ROG Phone 3 Has Enhanced AirTriggers

There are two major configurations available in ASUS’s latest gaming phone. The first one has 12 GB AND LPDDR5 RAM, and it costs $1000. The second one has 16 GB and LPDDR5 RAM. This one comes at a price of $1,100. While Samsung with its Galaxy S20 Ultra has introduced higher rates of configurations, gaming phones have not really seen 16 GM of RAM as yet. 

The first gaming phone model released by ASUS last year started at the cost of $900. 

According to ASUS, they have enhanced the AirTriggers for ROG Phone 3. AirTriggers are the ultrasonic buttons that mimic console buttons. The company said that this update will majorly uplift mobile gamers’ gaming experience. Moreover, these enhanced AirTriggers will also allow gamers to reload their weapons by just shaking the ROG Phone 3. And, in-game commands to access the maps have also become easier. 

What A Gaming Phone Needs Are Gaming Accessories

What does an advanced gaming phone need? Gaming accessories! And that’s exactly what ASUS is bringing us. It certainly looks like ASUS is trying to hone in into the mobile gaming community. While gaming consoles and PC gamers have many options to buy from, mobile gamers have to resort to the bare-minimum level of accessories. Well, ASUS is going to change that. 

ASUS ROG Phone 3 will come with a TwinView Dick and a gamepad worth $150. The TwinView Dock will add a second display on your phone when you play games on it. Moreover, the AeroActive Cooler 3 is a clip-on accessory that will keep your phone cool as you game away for hours. No need to worry about a hot chipset and CPU anymore. 

You can check out the ASUS website to get your gaming phone right now.