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How Tekno Miles is Helping the Crypto Casino Industry Grow

The crypto casino industry is growing like never before. Cryptocurrencies have become a hot topic lately thanks to the highs reached by Bitcoin just before the end of 2021. The world’s been put on notice, and cryptos are not a thing we can ignore anymore. They’re promoted by many artists, athletes, or Hollywood icons, and they’re also promoted by famous people from all parts of the world.

Tekno Miles has become the latest star to join the crypto casino party. He has just signed an ambassador deal with Bitcasino.io, one of the world’s largest and best crypto casinos. He went a step further and revealed a Tekno’s casino playlist with his majestic Afrobeat pop tunes while you spin slots or the wheel. It’ll put you in the right mood and hopefully lead to big wins.

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These kinds of sponsorships have been going for a while, and they truly help move the crypto gambling industry forward. Tekno Miles is only one name – give it a year or two, and other artists might join in on the fun as well.

The Prince of Afrobeat Pop Makes a Statement

While many see the partnership as a purely business move, it’s more than that. Crypto gaming websites such as Bitcasino needed years to grow their business model. And what better way to promote your services and get to a bigger audience than signing up with stars? Popular poker site PokerStars has teamed up with Neymar who hasn’t been shy about his love for poker – you can read more about that on the link. Facing competition from their land-based counterparts, crypto gaming sites have launched an ambassadorial campaign which will see other stars follow Tekno Miles’ move.

For those unaware, Augustine Kelechi, also known as Tekno, is most likely the biggest Afrobeat star at the moment. He took the African pop charts by storm. Despite his young age, Tekno Miles has become one of the fastest-growing pop stars in Africa and in the West too. He writes the lyrics for his songs and produces them as well, making him a unique artist others can’t compare to. He has won several awards so far, including Best Pop Extra Video in 2015 and a reward at the Nigeria Music Video Awards shot.

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Besides his love for music, Tekno shares a passion for gambling too. That made him a perfect match for Bitcasino.io. The biggest crypto casino on the web has joined with Africa’s biggest star, and it was a match made in heaven.

Tekno’s Winning Playlist

Ok, maybe winning is a bit of pushing it, but Tekno’s Bitcasino playlist will at least get you in the right mood. One of the great things about his music is that it suits any kind of player. Whether you prefer the fast-paced action in slots or the slow-burning blackjack and poker jams, Tekno’s got you covered.

The list starts with Mufasa, one of his biggest bangers with an upbeat rhythm. The opener is most suitable for slots and roulette spinners. His hit is named after the popular king from Lion King, a remake of the original animated movie where Tekno’s beats appeared on the Beyonce-led soundtrack album – you can see all the collaborations here.

Tekno’s playlist continues with Pana, one of his biggest hits, before shifting to other artists such as King Kaka’s and his Hera Onge. Doc Sheebeleza by Cassper Nyovest is next on the playlist, followed by Tiwa Savage’s Girlie ‘O’ Patoranking.

There’s no question that the playlist itself is a banger. If you love spinning slots and playing casino games at Bitcasino, it’s a no-brainer.

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