How to Focus on Your Brand on Instagram


It’s no secret that most businesses on Instagram flourish when met with the best-suited strategy and clientele. 

You, just like anyone else, can reach that peak as well. All you need is the right direction and excessive focus on your brand and style. Going towards the prospective possibilities the platform is offering is the second half of it. 

We are all aware of just how influential and powerful Instagram can be. It would be a shame not to utilize the massive power social media has to offer and open up a brand new door to clients all over the platform. 

So without any further ado, let’s begin!

Channel Your Brand’s Character 

Since the emphasis on Instagram is so heavily visual, making your content your number one priority is the best strategy. 

It’s not just about following a fixed schedule and keeping your followers “fed”. The character and quality of the posts in question are even more valuable than you may think. Here’s how to figure out where you stand.

Before planning a schedule, try formulating a visual palette. This idea consists of the style you want to go with, the main colors your feed will be filled with, and the overall vibe that will be dominant on your page. 

For example, if you sell skincare products, it’s best to keep your feed sleek and clean – just like perfect skin! Choosing soothing colors such as beige, white, pastel green or pink gives you feed this calm yet radiant glow, which is perfect for an industry like skincare. 

On the other hand, if you are an online or tech service of sorts, various shades of blue and yellow are the best choice. Accompanied by black or white of course. 

Yellow is a happy color, often used in modern, Millennial-like offices. And blue is heavily promoted on most social media platforms along with subscription-based services. 

Mixing this with your brand’s message or personality will leave you with an incredibly original, yet compelling feed that’s hard to ignore! Brand your brand before you sell it!

Choose The Right Hashtags

Everybody knows how important hashtags are, but not everyone is using them. Many people on Instagram like to click a specific hashtag and list the posts under it. This way, many online consumers get introduced to products they are interested in and want to purchase.

One day, that interesting post just might be yours! Never forget to add relevant hashtags under every single post you make. It will expand your reach, boost your engagement, and potentially, get you a new set of clients.

Collaborations and Sponsorships 

This one is fairly straight forward, everyone knows just how beneficial these guys are. Collaborating with peers in your industry is like exchanging audiences – hence why so many of your favorite Influencers and brands do it. 

Sponsorships on the other hand are our influencer favorite on the platform! If you want to know how to get paid on Instagram, this just might be the best way to approach the situation. 

Big brands like to collaborate with popular and influential users to further enhance their own appeal within these influencers’ impressionable audiences. It’s the oldest marketing trick of modern-day consumerism. And the Kylie Jenners of the bunch profit the most out of it.

This doesn’t mean you or your brand are excluded from the jackpot. With enough quality in content and a bigger audience, you too could be the 1%. 

Try to get your name, products, and brand message out there as much as possible. With original ideas amazingly presented on a platform as visual as Instagram, not even the sky is the limit!