How to Help Increase Organic Online Traffic

Tips to increase web traffic
Tips to increase web traffic

When people build a business, their main goal is to convert more sales and have an excellent relationship with their customers. However, providing exceptional customer experience and great deals are only a couple aspects of the challenge. Before having customers, you must first find out how you can make the customers see you. To help you get this, you must drive decent online traffic on your website, which allows customers to be aware of your brand.

What is online Traffic? 

Online traffic is the number of visitors that are on your website. The higher the number, the better. With more traffic, there’s a higher chance to get more conversions. While this provides a lot of wonderful things for your company, it can do wonders for your competitors, too. You should always do competitive research to identify where your business needs to improve on and how you can surpass your competitors, who are doing much of the same research.

There are two kinds of online traffic: organic and paid. Organic traffic is traffic that occurs naturally because people are searching for your type of business. With paid traffic, traffic occurs because of your paid ads that allow your potential customers to see your business as they browse the internet.

Organic traffic is the favored kind of traffic as organic visitors tend to be highly interested in your product or services offered—that’s why it’s ideal that you gain more organic traffic for improved sales conversion. The main thing that you need to rely on when drawing organic traffic through your website is the help of SEO rankings.

Search engine optimization, or SEO, is a method that lets you improve your website’s rankings on search engine result pages, or SERPs. When people search on the Internet, they usually only visit the first top three results they see and explore from them. There’s only a tiny chance of these potential customers to visit the second page of their search engine website. It would be highly ideal if your website appears on the first page while also being in the top three results. Being in the top results will promote more organic traffic to your website. Listed below are the ways to increase your organic online traffic:

  • Improve Keywords 

When it comes to improving your ranking on search engines, you should utilize the advantages of including keywords to your website. You don’t have to be extra creative with your headlines as that may cause users to not be able to search the words that you’ve used.

When creating articles and headlines, make sure that you use proper keywords. You can use a keyword research tool, or do keyword research on your own, to determine the best keywords for your niche. For example, let’s say you’re writing an article about Japan’s tourism. You can use the keywords ‘Japan places,’ ‘Japan tour,’ ‘Japan sights.’ These are usually the words that people who want to visit Japan will type into their search engines. When your article has these exact words, you’re most likely to be available on the first page of the search engine results.

You don’t have to be too complicated with your headlines. Along with headlines, you should also add keywords within the article, but make sure that they go fluidly with one another so it won’t look too forced—make it as natural as much as possible.

  • Blog Regularly 

When you actively update and post to your website, there are greater chances that you’ll be on the top page of the SEO ranking. There are higher chances that recent posts are displayed first on the first page of a search engine website. With regular blogging, you’ll be creating a variety of articles that can cover a broader scope of things that people search for on the Internet, which helps in attracting more customers to visit your website.

  • Use Long-Tailed Keywords 

Most people will say that all you need to do is to create excellent articles and wait for traffic to flow into your website. However, while having a great piece will help your brand to gain more reputation, it will take you forever if you rely on your bare article for organic traffic.

If you’re looking for much denser traffic, the use of long-tailed keywords is beneficial. Instead of just writing ‘Japan Places,’ you can choose ‘Japan Tourist Attractions.’

A long-tailed keyword is usually a three to four-word phrases that focus on a user with what they’re planning to purchase or decide with. You can use a long-tailed keyword such as ‘Top place for relaxation,’ ‘Knitting Yarn in Tokyo,’ or ‘Frozen Yogurt in Chicago.’ These words are what potential customers will usually type in their search engines in search of great deals.

  • Research for Improvement 

You may have a ton of competitors, but you shouldn’t be too dazzled by their success. Instead, use their successful articles as your inspiration in the hope of improving your own website.

You can research winning headlines that are similar to your topic and model your own website off of those examples. With eye-catching headlines, more people will want to visit your site, thus driving up web traffic.

You should also research your topic first before creating your articles or webpages. Research issues that you think people are interested in. If you’re selling furniture and decorations for home, you can search for articles about this topic. You can go for ‘Tips on How to Design Your Living Room,’ ‘The Complete Guide to Creating a Venetian-inspired Bedroom,’ ‘How to Improve Your Interior Design,’ or something similar to that. Make sure that you create headlines that are eye-catching and will entice people to read on. Along with this, add links or product suggestions within the article that could help to drive sales.

  • Add Links 

When it comes to creating articles, you should never be afraid to add both internal and external links. Adding links will help to drive more traffic to your website.

Search engines take the external links to be more authoritative, allowing you to increase your ranking. However, you shouldn’t flood your articles with external links. On the other hand, internal links help to provide more traffic within your website as your website visitors will be visiting a different page of your domain.


When it comes to having a successful business, creating a fantastic product isn’t the end of it. You need to attract customers to your website by improving your SEO and your web content. Your goal should always be to be on the first page of a search engine page and at least be on the top three to improve organic traffic.