How to Work with External Backlinks 

external backlinks
external backlinks

A link profile has always been an absolute dominant when it comes to site ranking. Indeed, site backlinks are still important for its promotion. However, they should be a part of the general SEO strategy. Otherwise, a strong link profile will not bring the desired result to a webmaster. So, what’s important in getting quality backlinks? What to pay attention to when deciding on a platform to post backlinks on? 

The Art of Getting External Links 

There are different ways to create backlinks and get the same to your site. But not all of them will be worth your time and effort. Some methods require a professional approach and the use of specialized SEO tools. Let’s take a look at the most effective methods that even a novice webmaster can follow. 

  1. Making Posts in Social Media

This is the easiest way to get External Backlinks right after launching your online store. Even if you do not plan to actively work on SMM, having links from social media posts is definitely worth taking advantage of. Do not limit yourself to the popular Facebook and Instagram platforms, use other digital environments to promote the company – Google+, Twitter, YouTube, etc.  

  1. Working with Forums

Working with forums can bring you many External Backlinks . Apart from focusing on niche forums, you can also look for thematic threads and other general topics. If your site has information that could potentially be useful to the discussion participants, you can safely share it in the comments.  

  1. Using Sites with Reviews

Customer feedback is of great importance for any company. It is a good way to grab the attention of other people and can often have a decisive influence on the choice regarding your particular product. Create a company page on a review platform where people can leave their feedback, and you will receive a free link to your site. 

  1. Getting Comments for the Media

This can work especially well when interacting with regional media that often lack interesting materials. By making an interview with a famous person or KOL, you can get both a link to the company’s website and additional bonuses to brand awareness.  

  1. Creating and Distributing Valuable Content

This can be a step-by-step guide to solving a specific problem, research findings, a checklist, or a PDF eBook dedicated to a specific topic. High-quality content takes time to prepare, but publishing it grabs the audience’s attention. Many people share links to such a page with friends, on forums, and on social networks. This approach is especially popular today and has been considered one of the most effective ways to get backlinks to the site for many years.