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Saturday, April 17, 2021

IMAX’s Price Target Has Been Raised To $25

The price target of IMAX has been increased by quite a few analysts working at Macquarie from a sum of $24 to a sum of $25- which was published in a Friday research report. The company has a rating of outperform which was put on it by the brokerage firm. Currently, the price target indicates an annual growth rate of about 20.71%. 

The Stock Commentary Of IMAX

There have been quite a few research analysts who have previously commented on the stocks of IMAX. Zacks Investment Research has been one of the first companies to increase the rating of the company from sell to hold along with a price target of $23 set on it. This was then published in a research report last Friday. The Goldman Sachs Group has also decreased the shares of the company from a rating of buy to a rating of neutral with a price target which was increased from $15.60 to $17.90 in a 25th January research report.

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B. Riley has also increased the price target from $26 to $28 along with a rating of underperform in a 26th January research report. In the end, MKM Partners has increased the price target from $18 to $25 with a buy rating in a 1st February research report. 

Two of the investment analysts covering IMAX have provided it with a rating of sell, while four of them have given it a rating of hold. Five other analysts provided the company with a rating of buy. Currently, IMAX has a hold rating with a $21.24 price target. 

The stocks of IMAX traded on Friday at $20.71. The market cap of the firm is $1.2 billion, with a 1.85 beta, and a -11.70 PE ratio. The moving average price of the company over 50 days is $19.20, while the moving average price of the company over 200 days is $15.43. 

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