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Saturday, April 17, 2021

ImmunoGen (NASDAQ: IMGN) Gets Consensus ‘Hold’ Rating From Analysts

ImmunoGen (NASDAQ: IMGN) shares have recently received a consensus ‘hold’ recommendation from 9 brokerages. 1 analyst assigned a ‘sell’ rating, 3 issued a ‘hold’ rating, and 4 gave a ‘buy’ rating. The company had a $10 average price objective for 12 months last year.

On Friday, the firm started from $8.36 with the market cap being $1.67B. Their lowest in 12 months is $1.95 while the highest is $10.88. They have a -20.39 PE ratio and 1.65 betas. Their 50-day rolling average stands at $8.27 while the 200 day is at $6.04.

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According to their 11th February report, the quarterly EPS earnings was $0.16 that topped the $0.08 consensus estimate by almost $0.24. Research analysts expect ImmunoGen to release EPS of -0.48 for this ongoing year.

Market Undertaking By IMGN Stock

David Foster, VP, sold off 11,502 IMGN shares at $6.38 EPS worth $70,511.76. 3.77% IMGN stock is owned by insiders.

Piper Sandler upgraded the price objective of IMGN shares to $6.50 from $5.50 and gave a rating of ‘neutral’. TheStreet lifted their rating to ‘c+’ from ‘d+’. SVB Leerink increased it to $ from $5 and gave a rating of market ‘perform’. Zacks Research demoted the rating to ‘sell’ from ‘hold’. HC Wainwright promoted it to $12 from $11 and gave a rating of ‘buy’.

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Penserra Cap. Management upgraded their holdings on ImmunoGen stock by nearly 193.3% and own $28,000 worth of shares. The System of teacher retirement of Texas acquired a new stake in the company and own $36,000 worth of shares. Marshall Wace of North America has bought a new position valued at $52,000 in the first quarter. TFC Fin. Management acquired a new stake, owning shares priced at $55,000 in the third quarter. Y Intercept LTD of Hong Kong acquired a new position valued at $73,000 in the fourth quarter. 72.95% IMGN stock is owned by institutional investors.

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