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Pittsburgh Penguins Photoshop Masks On Fans’ Faces To Tweak Covid-19 Violations

The Pittsburgh Penguins went too far to show that their fans were following the protocols laid out because of the coronavirus pandemic. And social media has been on a rage since then.

According to recent reports, the Pittsburgh Penguins allegedly photoshopped masks onto the faces of their fans during their first game after the lockdown months. It seems as though the team didn’t want anything to go wrong with the first game they play in months in front of their fans. But that was not to be.

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Tuesday’s game was the first time that fans were allowed into the PPG Paints Arena after months of lockdown. However, mandatory masks and limited seating protocols were in place.

Pittsburgh Penguins Accepts Social Media Allegation

Following the game, the Pittsburgh Penguins made a post on Twitter along with an image to extend their gratitude to the cheering fans that made the game more special to them. However, this seems to be the starting point of the ruckus that the Pittsburgh Penguins now find themselves in. The tweet read, “Thanks for the continued support of Penguin fans. We can’t wait to see you tomorrow night.”

Shortly after the tweet was made, expert sleuths on social media pointed out that the image of the dedicated fans might have been manipulated. Following this, many came up with tweets pointing out that three people in the picture have their masks photoshopped on.

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It was later found out that in the original image, one of the fans was not wearing his mask. Among the others, many were not wearing their masks correctly.

Recent updates tell us that the Pittsburgh Penguins have accepted the allegation and have reportedly “disciplined” the social media staffer behind the scene. They have further apologized for violating the social media safety policy in a statement released recently.

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