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Kelly Marie Tran Claims To Be Happier Without Her Social Media Account

In a profile published this Wednesday, March 3, Kelly Marie Tran mentions that she has been much happier since she deactivated her social media accounts in 2018. The actor further mentions that it is the last place she wants her presence to be felt.

The former star of ‘Star Wars’ was engaged in a long harassment scenario back in 2018. Being the first woman of color in the lead role in ‘Star Wars’, Kelly Marie Tran had to face severe sexist and racist comments online on her social media. In the profile for ‘The Hollywood Reporter,’ the actor mentioned that it is very unlikely that she will resume her account on Instagram any time soon. She states online harassment is the major cause behind her decision.

Kelly Marie Tran Engages In “One-Sided Social Media”

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Talking further for the magazine, Kelly mentioned how she has been advised against such a decision. She says an online presence for an actor is critically important in today’s world to stay relevant for the audience. It is the major way of showing your presence and being relatable for your fans. Kelly Marie Tran further said that her agents have told her time and again that she forgoing brand partnerships by staying off social media. However, Kelly claims to be “so much happier” without any kind of online presence. According to her, she is not here to sell “flat tummy tea to young girls.”

Some people believe that her jab against online presence might be directed towards the Kardashian clan. This is because they have been criticized for the dietary products that they promote on their social media.

Kelly Marie Tran, however, talks about her approach towards social media. she names it as “one-sided social media”. This means that she keeps herself informed on trending news and topics but restricts herself from reacting to anything online.

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