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Wellness Influencer Hilaria Baldwin Welcomes 6th Child With Alec Baldwin

The popular wellness guru, Hilaria Baldwin has been facing a strong backlash from social media. This is after she announces her 6th child with husband Alec Baldwin, only five months after the birth of their 5th child.

The wellness influencer doesn’t seem to take the criticism quietly. She has been continuously posting cryptic messages on her social media account following the backlash triggered by the announcement of her 6th child. The news of the 6th child came after five months of her announcing the birth of her son with Alec Baldwin.

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The social media criticism ranged from her fans wanting to know the name of the real mother of her child. Others trolled the actor, Alec, for his wife, Hilaria Baldwin’s recent scandal. Husband Alec has fended off such jokes made by Instagram fans in a dignified manner.

Alec And Hilaria Baldwin Lose Temper While Fending Off Jokes

Hilaria Baldwin, 37, revealed the name and gender of her baby this Tuesday, March 2. She also made a lengthy Instagram post later on the same day on how an individual’s mood can affect a person’s perception of a day. In the post, she said that she has reached an eye-opening conclusion that, “I am the decisive element.’

To explain further she said that her daily mood makes the weather. She realized that she possesses extreme power to make or break her life. She has the power to make herself joyous or miserable. She said, “I can be a tool of torture or an instrument of inspiration. I can humiliate or humor, hurt or heal.”

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After the heritage scandal that Hilaria Baldwin was involved in, fans posted comments after the couple announced their 6th child. Alec got angry at the jokes and asked fans to “shut the f— up and mind your own business.”

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