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Thursday, January 21, 2021

IMVU VCOIN Gets A Second Life With The Launch Of In-Game Crypto

IMVU VCOIN finally can breathe safely as they have launched their in-game currency which would have a valuation in the real world. For the uninitiated, IMVU is a Second Life competitor and a space for virtual hangouts. For the 90’s kids, IMVU will strike a particular chord from the last 2000s. In the days of banner ads, the service provided by IMVU was everywhere. This platform is simply a hybrid that finds itself between being a reality hangout space virtually, and a semi-social site for networking. 

How Is IMVU VCOIN Different From Other Coins?

IMVU was created back in 2004 and was embedded with the features of AIM along with 3D avatars. With its application in Second Life, the IMVU VCOIN seems to be coming along pretty nicely. As far as news reports are concerned, there are close to 140 countries that have IMVU users. 

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But they have started venturing into different fields now. With IMVU VCOIN, the parent company is seeking a virtual money reposition which could be used as a legitimate asset. This works in the same principle of Ethereum and stablecoin. It also helps to know that IMVU VCOIN is supported by a currency that has a valuation in the real world. 

IMVU’s currency is quite different from the other currency denominations used in video games. It is pretty ascertained that most games use premium currencies that help with microtransactions. In the case of IMVU VCOIN, the transactions would be working both ways. Usual gaming currencies work just one way. 

IMVU VCOIN is pretty easy to join and free, the company is linked to a digital marketplace where users would be able to purchase items like accessories and clothes that would be used in the game itself. But most of the in-game trades need to be conducted on the social platform. 

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