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Saturday, July 2, 2022

Star Wars Game Sets A Sky-High Limit to Give Unprecedented Experience

Star Wars Games is all set to experience a Big Bang in their gaming galaxy.

Douglas Reilly, Vice-President of Lucasfilm Games has recently informed that they have a whole new experience planned for their fans. He also said that their planning has been taking place for a while now. However, they had kept it all under wraps and patiently waiting for the ideal moment.

Star Wars Game Awaits Their Big Bang

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Reilly and his team have been waiting for a new era and direction for Lucasfilm and the Star Wars gaming galaxy. Lucasfilm is opening their doors for developers to pitch their ideas that might take their gaming experience to the next level.

They have made a public announcement of looking for a superior developing team with whom they can collaborate. They intend on creating amazing great games in all their IP. Lucasfilm Games have a remarkable team of developers, creatives, and story-tellers who successfully manage to create extraordinary games that are able to resonate with their fans as well as deliver high expectations.

Their IPs enjoy immense popularity owing to the vast range of experiences, genres, and platforms provided to the fans.

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Fans seem extremely excited about the news of Lucasfilm collaborating with Ubisoft in creating the next level Star Wars Game. Ubisoft is a critically acclaimed studio that is based in Sweden. Ubisoft team is equally delighted with this partnership and intend to deliver an unparalleled project.

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