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The Night Stalker’s Move Towards Abyss Reviewed

In 1985, during the summers’, one night, Anastasia Hronas, a 6-year-old, was lying in her bed. Suddenly, the window in her room breaks open. Richard Ramirez, a serial killer forcefully abducts Anastasia and drives her to his house beyond Los Angeles. This is how ‘The Night Stalker’ begins.

40 years later, this terrifying and violent ordeal is recalled by Hronas. She states that she has no idea of the length of time she was locked in the car. This is mainly because the serial killer wanted her to look at his face as well as touch him.

A Chilling Encounter Of The Night Stalker

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The series continues as Hronas is taken to Ramirez’s house as she is zipped inside duffel luggage. She is released only when he repeatedly assaults her sexually. Although she continuously protests against her sexual assault which hurts her. The look on his face seems to suggest that he is terribly sorry for doing this but he cannot stop.

Hronas is one of the many victims of Ramirez who is commonly referred to as Night Stalker. He attacks women, children, and men from ages 6 to 83 during the night-time. Eventually, he was convicted of eleven sexual assaults and 13 murders.

Tiller Russell, director of Night Stalker, informed that the story aimed to depict the perspective of the cops and victims without focusing on the Night Stalker. He wanted to de-glamourize Ramirez, unlike the 2016 movie that starred Lou D. Phillips.

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The Netflix series wanted to deal with the common man’s perspective on crimes. We are voyeurs, much like Ramirez. The Night Stalker looks into an abyss that entices us all.

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