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Indonesia Performing Well In The Crypto Game

Indonesia is looking to gain big in the crypto sector. Ever since the crypto market has come into existence, more and more investors have joined the movement. Countries like South Korea, and Bermuda have expressed significant interest in the market. Pintu looks like the latest player in the crypto game at the moment. They have been fairly a newbie in the market. However, the company has made some significant progress toward establishing itself as a crypto giant.

At a time when most of the prominent companies have suffered a downward curve, the curve of Pintu has actually gone up. This is a huge statement as the market has not been doing great lately. The platform has raised a whopping amount of $113 million in series B. This money is aimed at providing the much-required support for the blockchain market. Pintu has been supported by four of the key investors in the market.

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The companies that invested in the Indonesia-based Pintu are the Northstar Group, Lightspeed, Intudo Ventures, and Pantera Capital. The platform allows Indonesian investors to operate with eminent companies like Ethereum and Bitcoin. Let us learn more about the story in detail below. 

Indonesia Based Company Provides Oxygen For Blockchain 

The Indonesian-based company, Pintu, will be providing a much-needed respite to the downward trending blockchain market. Pintu has planned a lot of new features for the blockchain market. They are looking to provide more features to the mobile applications. 

Pintu has also stated that a part of the raised amount will go towards educational purposes. Pintu will be educating the young investors of Indonesia, in turn, evoking interest among them. 

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