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Industries with Huge Growth in 2020 

The year 2020 has been a brimming one with complications and financial pressures for consumers and businesses alike. As a result of these unforeseen circumstances, the global economy is currently experiencing one of the worst recessions of the last 20 years. However, prospects are not bleak all around. There are a few industries that have managed to take the strife and put it into their strides, proving that having the right set of circumstances, great leadership and the willingness to adapt can result in flourishing industries despite what is going on in the world. Below are some of the most successful industries of 2020 as well as what businesses have done to adapt to ensure the continued success and growth of their enterprises.  

Online Marketing  

The digital age has brought about advancements in almost every industry in the world, but it is difficult to think of an industry that has benefitted more from virtual clients than the marketing industry. Marketing takes all forms, with 2020 forcing companies to lean on more niche, or current, methods of advertising their products. Influencer-marketing has taken the world of social media and online shopping by storm, with influencers receiving pretty decent revenue from marketing deals. Marketing firms and companies are hardly ever hired to design a plan for big corporations as these giants, in their respective industries, usually build a department specifically for this.  

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However, 2020 has shown that freelance marketing consultants and agencies are still a necessity. Small, and virtual, businesses rely heavily on online marketing strategies that freelancers have had to stay abreast with. The marketing industry has thus shown significant growth figures this past year and shows no sign of slowing down. Marketing services have become cheaper but that does not mean that the industry is not making a decent profit. The competitive prices for marketing services have instead led to a booming industry.   

Online Education  

Considering all the time that people have been spending in the safety of their homes, it should come as no surprise that one of the industries that have shown exponential growth is online education even in the remotest places across the globe. The virtual nature of this industry has been thoroughly enjoyed this past year by delivering on a promise that was made before social distancing was considered a necessity. Online tutoring, education and classes have been lucrative since it’s advent but the increased time that consumers have spent at home in 2020 has resulted in millions of new subscribers and learners choosing to participate in virtual education. To top it all off, many educators and tutors have let their office jobs go in favour of the freedom, and safety, of teaching from the privacy of their homes.  

Online Casino Industry  

While some consumers have chosen to use their spare time in the pursuit of knowledge, others have spent their time in the pursuit of mind-blowing fortunes. The growth statistics for the real money online casino industry from New Zealand to New Jersey and around the world, have been exponential as millions of new online members have joined casino sites over the course of this year. This million-dollar industry has now become a billion-dollar industry, with many countries updating long-standing laws and legislation to make room for virtual casino offerings and the tax revenue it can generate. Players can now enjoy a wide range of online games, with some being designed to emulate the brick-and-mortar gambling experience.  

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There are hundreds of premium online casino operators who have broken into the industry as of late and have successfully gained a significant share of the market by offering exclusive promotions and deals. Operators who have been in the business years, with those who have embraced the digital age enjoying the loyalty of their members by having them sign up to enjoy what the virtual world of online casino gaming has to offer.  


2020 has brought about a fair amount of complications for this particular industry but as the world settles into a new “normal”, logistics has proven to be resilient and lucrative. The growth of e-commerce has directly resulted in the need for logistics companies to shine by delivering customer purchases in a timeous and careful manner. Logistics companies have been experiencing a gradual increase in revenue over the past few years but as 2020 has shown logistics is likely to become the primary vehicle with which consumers and businesses exchange items and receive a stellar customer experience.  



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