Why The Connected Consumer is at The Heart of The Digital World

Snow Crash
Snow Crash

When marketers were making predictions for 2020, they didn’t know that this would be the most disruptive for marketers around the world. COVID-19 pandemic rapid spread of spread has created challenges for the industry experts to face. While being not sure of anything and what will be happening exactly has forced a lot of businesses to focus more on the strong asset: the customer. Customer loyalty and engagement are the most two important things, and even more nowadays.

Providing a pure experience to the customer in his journey is not a simple task, yet for a lot of businesses, this has been the best and the only way forwards. Most of the consumer products became a commodity with little differences and special selling points. Consumers always pursuit better services. Not all companies have a really special and unique product, yet all companies can deliver a very special customer experience. The experience that may reflect the best of an expectation of the loyal customer and help improve their engagement.

New advances and trends in marketing have made a new definition of the way businesses look at their customers as they made the mindset of the “consumer-first”. Businesses have to be updated with their practices and evaluate and review their programs to be up to date with any technological advancement, trends, and the connected consumer’s expectations.

Customers have changed too. Consumers around the world are connected through all the technological ways now, and they have become more expert with their tools, apps, and media than anytime before. They are in the heart of the digital world, and they are aware of that. It used to be ‘the internet of things’ but now it’s ‘the internet of people’, and they expect that everything they need and want will be here in one click.

Connected consumers like to be kept informed generally. They want to get all the updates about their recent orders, they want to know new products they may like, and they especially like news about offers, discounts, and rewards for loyal customers. They will enjoy being asked about their review and to rate their services.

Helped by martech and the rise analytics, marketers will focus on programs that will bring the best return and daily interactions consumers have with the business. For communications, emails are always the necessary tool.

Emails are needed much for account logins, updates about the order, and so on. Consumers that choose the promotional emails expect to have emails for information or important updates. Email has become the essential tool for any digital connection.

Connected consumers have a lot of applications on their mobile phones, the most app that almost all people have is email. Emails are indeed one of the most effective methods of communication, still, it has an important value that turns into results to the KPIs. Brands can benefit from it, the most valuable and leveraged application in the world, by improving their experience in emails. It sounds clear, yet in fact, both the most overlooked and prime chance for reaching the connected consumer.

To keep a good engagement level though, businesses should invest in improving powerful. Marketing technology gives marketers analytical tools to collect and operational, behavioral, and contextual data. So, they can develop their strategy and make more relevant campaigns to their customers.

Businesses depend on Martech tools that may assist them in developing a seamless strategy to determine the current evolving challenges of the market and keep the consumers always engaged. An email is always a vital tool, yet the current disasters have served as a strong trigger for marketers to maximize the engagement and personalization levels by employing exploiting, analytics, contextual, behavioural, operational data.