INTC Estimated Earnings For FY2022 Issued


Intel Co. (NASDAQ: INTC) got their estimated EPS for FY2022 cut by Wedbush on 20th April, Tuesday. M. Bryson, a Wedbush analyst, now expects an EPS of $4.59, a decrease from the prior $5.30. Wedbush issued a rating of “underperform” and set a target price of $53 for the stock.

Overview Of INTC Stock

In its latest earnings announcement on 20th January, Wednesday INTC reported an EPS of $1.52, overshooting the estimated $1.10. A 28.10% net margin was reported as well.

Several research analysts have issued their reports on the stock recently. Royal Bank of Canada increased their objective price to $47 from $40 and issued a rating of “sell” on 22nd January, Friday. UBS Group set an objective price of $71 while issuing a rating of “buy” on 19th January, Tuesday. Needham & Company LLC increased their target price to $74 from $70 while issuing a rating of “buy” on 30th March, Tuesday. Truist Financial upped their target price to $73 from $64 on 24th March, Wednesday. Finally, Credit Suisse Group issued a target price of $80 while giving a rating of “buy” on Wednesday for INTC.

On Thursday, the stock opened with a value of $63.84. The market capitalization value of the company stands at $259.98B with a 0.74 beta. The highest and the lowest value of the stock over a period of 52 weeks stands at $68.49 and $43.61 respectively. The moving average of the stock over 50 days stands at $63.93 while that of 200 days stands at $55.13.

George S. Davis, the CFO, purchased 9095 INTC shares on 26th January, Tuesday at a $55.34 average price per share. Robert Holmes Swan, the CEO, purchased 27244 shares on 25th January, Monday at a $55.57 average price per share.

JCIC Asset Management Inc., Ogorek Anthony Joseph NY ADV, Annapolis Financial Services, DB Wealth Management Group LLC, and Curi Capital all purchased new shares of INTC stock.