Is Moderna Stock Worth Buying?


The rise of the Moderna stock is directly proportional to the progression of the vaccine for COVID-19. Currently, over 67% of the American citizens are of the idea that a vaccine is extremely important for their life to get back on track- but most of them are still untrusting of approved vaccines. According to a poll by ClearPath, close to 29% of respondents have said that they would rather prefer waiting for another year after the vaccine comes out, to really deem it safe. And this is where we find the Moderna stock- one of the most promising COVID-19 vaccines currently in the works. There is immense pressure on this fledgling company to deliver results, since BioNTech, and Pfizer has already reported close to 90% efficacy on their vaccines. 

The number of coronavirus cases in the country has broken daily records with close to 132,541 on the 6th of November. In the last five days, close to a thousand deaths have been recorded. Now, if you are an investor, there might be some anxiety about when a new vaccine might come to the market. For, with the rise in the share prices of companies invested in the vaccine would surely accompany their achievements for the welfare of the public. Currently, the Moderna stocks are almost up by 290% on the coronavirus investor optimism. But the main question stands, is it worthy of being bought?

What investors should look out for with Moderna Stock?

Moderna stock
Moderna stock

It has been reported that every single participant in the mRNA-1273 trials developed antibody responses that were quite unprecedented. But what the study didn’t evaluate was whether these antibodies would actually be able to hold up in the event the participant contracted the virus once again. This is where the phase 3 clinical trial of Moderna comes into play- for they have already selected close to 30,000 participants who have major risks of contracting the virus. 

Their study has fully randomized half of the willing participants to receive a placebo- while the rest of them would receive the actual dosage. They would then compare the infection rates of both groups. This data is then going to be analyzed at three different points when the number of cases in each group reaches 53, 106, and 151. 

Is the Moderna stock overvalued?

Currently, there is a lot to play at the Moderna stock, for the drug has not been tested in relation to the placebo. This means, there is a huge chance that it could be going any which way. Yet, there is an advantage for many investors- in the event the vaccine fails, the robust pipeline of the Moderna stock is going to account for that. 

Nonetheless, the Moderna stock could potentially receive a massive rally if their vaccine delivers positive results- simply due to the demand in the market. Their success rate would easily dwarf their current price valuation. But if mRNA-1273 fails, most shareholders are going to see quite a catastrophic decline in the stock price of this stock. It is a high risk, high reward game.