It Is Being Expected From MCD To Post Sales of $5.38 Billion For this Quarter


The analysts from Zacks Investment Research have already predicted that MCD would be posting around $5.38 billion in its sales for this quarter. Around eleven analysts have already provided estimates for the earnings of MCD. The highest estimated sale is around $5.55 billion, while the lowest is $4.89 billion. The company previously posted a sale of $5.35 billion the previous year. The company might be announcing its next earnings report on the 3rd of February. As far as the brokerage firm is considered, the analysts have already expected that the company would be reporting sales of around $19.24 billion for the entire year. 

The Quarterly Earnings of MCD

The company previously brought out its earnings data on the 14th of November. The fast-food giant had mentioned an EPS of $2.22 for the same quarter, which beat out the consensus estimate of $1,90. The company had a net margin of 25.60%, with a negative return on its equity at 53.62%. The previous year saw them earning close to $2.11 for every share. 

There have been several research analysts who have commented on the stock of MCD. Truist has already decreased the price objective on the company from $246 to $235 in one of their research notes. BTIG research, too, increased the target price on the company to $245l, along with a rating of ‘buy’. 

Eight of the analysts have already given the stocks a rating of ‘hold’ while twenty of them have given it a rating of ‘buy’. The company currently has an average rating of ‘buy’, with a price objective of $228.69. 

Meanwhile, Joseph M. Erlinger had already sold close to 7,377 shares of the company in a transaction on the 16th of November. The average price of one share of MCD was $215.59- which brought the final sum to $1,590,407.43.