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Friday, January 21, 2022

It is Unsure But Ubisoft Has Declared Which Of Its PS4 Games Would Not Work On PS5

Today, Ubisoft has issued its list to demarcate which of the older games of PS4 will not run on PS5. The list was not released on the website of  Sony, instead, Ubisoft issued its title on their website. However, the list is probably not accurate, while the company has now taken the list down.

A Ubisoft spokesperson has mailed The Verge, that the Ubisoft Connect has taken down the article on the list that was made on the compatibility on the PS5, because of certain kinds of inaccuracies. The company claims that the right list will be issued by next week. 

The nine games that cannot be played on the PS5 are:

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1)Assassin’s Creed: Syndicate

2)Assassin’s Creed: Chronicles Trilogy Pack

3)Assassin’s Creed: Chronicles India

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4)Assassin’s Creed: Chronicles China

5)Assassin’s Creed: Chronicles 



8)Star Trek: Bridge Crew

9)Werewolves Within


There have been ten new consoles with new titles Sony claims will not run on the PS5. However, according to the company, Microsoft Xbox Series X and S consoles are capable of playing all the Ubisoft titles that have been released on the Xbox One. it has been previously stated by Sony that the PS5 will be supporting a great majority of the PS4 titles. It has 4,000 games that have been loaded in the console that is appropriate for the hardware in the next-gen, but there will be certain limitations involved in it. The different types of limitations involved in the whole process have created a lot of problems for gamers. Sony has stated that PS5 will be able to access most of the PS4 games and play them, but that will not be very easy to carry out. There can be a lot of errors that can be exhibited by the system while playing those games. 

Backward compatibility is not present on the two important titles on VR Playstation, and they are Star Trek: Bridge Crew and Space Junkies. These are two of the most popular games, and, astonishingly, unlike the PS4, the PS5 version does not support such widely famous games. Sony has claimed that the Ubisoft  Playstation VR will manage to get over this particular limitation with the help of a special kind of adapter. The adapter has to be adjusted to the headset that has the new console. Sony’s Playstation VR headset is not new, it has been four years since it was launched, now it is going to amplify the use of PS5. The headset is highly compatible with the newly launched system. 

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