Olympic Athlete Jamie Anderson Gives Birth to Her First Child, Misty Rose

Jamie Anderson

Jamie Anderson, the celebrated two-time Olympic slopestyle gold medalist posted via Instagram on Wednesday that she delivered her little girl in a lovely snowy backdrop. The 32-year-old gold-medal-winning mother, Jamie Anderson, and her 27-year-old fiancé Tyler Nicholson had their first child together, a gorgeous baby girl, Misty Rose Nicholson, as they revealed on Wednesday.

Introducing the baby girl, the new mother who couldn’t stop gushing over her, posted about how she came into the world during the most magical storm and the heaviest snowfall the city had seen in more than 70 years. 

Nicholson Puts Up a Picture With Jamie Anderson’s Daughter, Says The Baby Is Only 5-Minute-Old In It 

Her fiance, Tyler Nicholson, also put up a picture of himself with the baby, simply celebrating his little ‘nuggets’ first few moments into the world, and added how proud he was of his partner, Jamie Anderson for this incredible thing. The picture Jamie Anderson posted shows the baby in a beautifully cute little cream-colored onesie with a matching hat and polka-dot socks. 

The famous snowboarder, Anderson, who has repeatedly spoken about the wonders of pregnancy, says she could not be more grateful for the glorious journey she is about to venture in. In many of her previous interviews, she had spoken about how she had always wanted to be a mother and believed that this is the perfect time for a new beginning. The couple who has been together since 2018, is in no hurry to get married. They wish to have a perfect little ceremony with both their families. Jamie Anderson even commemorated her pregnancy through a beautiful maternity photoshoot, conducted by photographer, Kari Rowe.